A selection of my own work and reviews on costume and fashion

A busy day customising for a good friend. Still got a little more to do but a good day overall. Very fairytale in style.

Project no.6. A jerkin made of recycled leather. I’m not entirely happy with this one. It was my first time using leather with the machine and there was a lot of slipping and sliding. Also I was using some very old worn leather with new and certain areas bagged a little. I’ve learnt some valuable lessons in this project, now to try again :) x

Slowly but surely. Project no.5 was tough but it’s finished now and I learnt a lot along the way. I have to give a big thanks to everyone at Lucy’s Lounge, without their help and beautiful fabrics this dress wouldn’t be here. Peach satin dress with white lace skirt and a lace up front. I had a lot of fun making this now onwards to something new. x

So I’ve been seeing moto jeans all over the place, a lot of the have been out of my price-range. In attempts to save money I made my own. I got the original jeans in a charity shop for a bargain of a Euro then the grey panels are made from an old pair of my boyfriends jeans. I have to do a little bit of adjusting but I have a wondeful pair of jeans now.

Project number 4 is finito. I’ve been finished a while just didn’t get a chance to get some photos till now. Faux fur collars with ribbon fastening. I used this project to get used to working with furs.. a fabric I absolutely adore just feat working with. I still have a lot of improvement to go. Hope you’re all improving in what you do x

So I’m back after a brief moment of tiredness. I don’t know why it happened but I do know we all have bouts of it from time to time. Anyhoo all is well again and I’m immersed back in my work and challenging myself. Hope everyones well and happy.
Love little Pig.

So I got through the remains of these fabrics and got some lovely summer bags to show for it. Project 3 done and dusted and I’m ready for my next one. Hope you’re having a productive day too :)

Cutiepie peterpan collars. Project number two over and done with looking forward to project number three.

Aprons at the ready! Made from old cushion covers. Practice makes perfect and this is the first of many projects to come. Love Little Pig x

Work in progress. Got to get some more layers and stabilise these pretty little wings x


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