A selection of my own work and reviews on costume and fashion

Work in progress. Got to get some more layers and stabilise these pretty little wings x

Lovely things for a Lucy’s Lounge. Had lots of fun breathing new life into some mixed pieces.

Little bits and pieces put together using old lace,buttons,hats,clips and flowers. Upcycling baby!

Bit by bit the process of making a punk tee for the lovely Laura at Holyshow Tattoo in Navan. It was a really fun project I have to say.

Love little Pig

A lavender hat for a lovely lady I know. I found a set of old hats in a local charity shop recently and I knew I just couldn’t pass them by. I figured out how to steam them back into shape then started customising. This is the first of many.

Love little Pig x

Ruffled feathers and ruffled shirts. A busy day at Lucy’s creating Adam Ant inspired clothing :)

Funtimes with Lucy’s Lounge

From start to finish. Bit by bit this costume is coming together x

A costume I put together a while ago, drew up the pattern myself from reference and used repurposed curtains to make it x

Flora and fauna. Two waistcoats I upcycled using patches of my own embroidery.


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